Eco Town at Sawangan

Hannam Sawangan
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Hannam Sawangan
Hannam Sawangan

Timeless grace encapsulated in each design

Reside in sophistication within the boundaries of this residence, where a timeless design ensures that your living space remains a sanctuary of refined taste for generations to come.

Space Beyond

Your Own Space

Vibrant Lifestyle

Modern Architectural

All the Conveniences
in the Corner of Your Home




Hannam-dong, located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, is a prestigious neighborhood known for its affluence and luxury. It features upscale residences, exclusive boutiques, high-end restaurants, and cultural attractions, embodying wealth and refinement. Popular in South Korea s culture, Hannam-dong is a sought-after destination for a lavish lifestyle, offering upscale shopping, fine dining, and sophisticated cultural experiences.

Hannam Collection

Luxe Maison

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Luxe Enclave

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Luxe Manor

Liveable City

Discover a sanctuary that captivates your heart with a lifestyle of tranquility. Here, a perfect equilibrium awaits, blending contemporary comforts against a backdrop of rolling greens and glistening streams, creating an idyllic retreat for modern living.


Uncover malls, food & beverages, golf course, hospitals, unis & schools, and more.


Site Plan Layout

Limited only 99 houses

and 11 plots land

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